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Libratec has had the honour of building several Flash-over training facilities for well known fire training centres.

We can build these containers in our own factory located in the Netherlands. 

A Flash-over unit is a container that has been build to create a natural flash-over situation.

The big advantage of this is that people that have been trained in the facility are able to recognize the symptoms of a commencing flash-over. Due to this fact somebody in a burning fire is much more aware of a possible (dangerous) flash-over. 

 Nr 1 is built for Risc in

 This one whent to Den Helder TC.   

 This one is for                     

The fourth one has been build on a trailer                

 The fifth one is for  in Ambt Delden (Netherlands).                

You can click on the picture above for more pictures.                                                                       

 This one is for and went to Wijster.   

 This one is for and went to Heerenveen.    

 This one is for IPKW bv and went to Arnhem.    

All the flash-over units are custom-build and fit to the customers needs.

Examples of things that existing customers wanted;
- Insulation of the fire area 
- Insulation of the outer side
- The number and types of doors and opening mechanisms on these doors 
- The designs and type of all kinds of ventilation shutters
- The controls of all the shutters
- Lighting on the inside
- Benches to sit on in the container
- Floor of the burning area (concrete / heat resistant or not)
- Hose fitting on the inside
- Hatch for carrying of the ashes from the fire area
- Ventilation shutter in the fire area
- design of the fire basket 
- Transportation possibility's

Concerning the use of the container:
- All trainings must be given by competent instructors only

- During the training exercises a great amount of smoke is produced.
- All safety procedures must be gone true before the training exercise can begin.

- Training is not suitable for inexperienced fire-fighters.

If you have any further questions please contact us by email, phone or fax.

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